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Berkshire Baseball Coaches History

Many coaches have taken the reins of a Berkshire baseball team since 1989, Some have stood the test of time and some have only coached within the organization for a season or two. Many have used the experience they gained here as a resume builder and have moved on to coach at higher levels.

1. Dan Clouser         846-642-28
2. Kevin Kantner         236-118-3
3. Randy Strausser         214-83-9
4. Phil Raccuglia         208-91-7
5. Bill Hartranft         200-231-14
6. Boo-Boo Schaeffer         163-154-16
7. Shawn Seidel         137-129-2
8. Ron Schaeffer, Sr.         136-128-9
9. Ed Riedel         110-68-5
10. Mark Jenkins         107-50
11. Brooke Kramer         104-71-3
12. Del Mintz         79-45-3
13. Pat Buday         75-44-7
14. Ernie Weller         70-12-4
15. Rob Lozenski         69-80-5
16. Peter Salerno         59-50-2
17. Matt Kozlowski         52-34
18. Jared Mace         52-77-6
19. Troy Gaston         49-24-4
20. Steve Randolph         45-63-7
21. Chris Blum         37-32
22. Tom Rapposelli         36-63-5
23. Jerry Freiwald         33-18-5
24. Scott Emerich         30-11-2
25. Ed Warner & Donna Warner         26-13-1
26. Jon Holskin         26-14
27. Matt Zaorski         25-39-1
28. Jeff Hartenstine         22-31
29. Mike Bucklin         20-12-1
30. Jeff Evans         18-27
31. Andrew Haden         17-14-2
32. Ed Chroscinski         17-40-1
33. Nick Evangelista         16-13-3
34. Clive Dismuke         14-34
35. Larry Hilovsky         14-6
36. John Shollenberger         13-13-1
37. Jim Everhart         13-16-1
38. Willie Schaeffer         12-45-2
39. Mike Billera-Smith         10-36-1
40. Lee Hoover         10-19-1
41. Matt Kochel         10-11
42. Troy Spiers         9-11
43. Skip Breidenstein         9-14
44. Al Oldham         8-26-1
45. Anthony Fegely         7-9-1
46. Shane Stein         5-16
47. Tom Livermore         5-10
48. Jim Michalak         4-13

We feel that it is important to recognize those men who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of this organization by giving their time in what is many times a thankless job.

Dan Clouser has been somewhat of a jack of all trades within the organization by coaching four different teams (14-U, 16-U, 18-U and Optimist Red Sox) since 1989. He is still an active coach within the organization and continues to pull double-duty by coaching both the Optimist Red Sox in the summer and the 16-U Red Sox in the fall.

Phil Raccuglia has worn his share of hats during his tenure in the organization as well. He has coached the Red Sox Optimist team, Over-30 team and 18-U team in eight separate seasons.

Kevin Kantner served as an assistant on our Red Sox Optimist staff for six seasons (1995-2000) under both Dan Clouser and Ed Reidel before moving into a managers role for the Red Sox Optimist team in 2001. After a rough first season, he moved to the helm of our Over-30 team where he is still active.

For milestones, Dan Clouser led the Optimist Sox to their first ever regular season title in 1990; John Holskin brought home the organizations first ever play-off championship in 1993 with the Over-30 Sox; Del Mintz led the Optimist Sox to the organizations first ever tournament title in the 1993 Berwick Tri-County Invitational and Ed Reidel brought home the first play-off title for the Optimist Sox in 1998.

All in all, our teams have competed in fourteen different states and Canada. The organization has won nine league regular season titles, seven league play-off championships, two NABF (Over-30) World Series third place finishes and 48 combined (12-U, 13U, 14-U, 16-U, 18-U, Optimist & Over-30) individual tournament championships.


The coach is a politician, a judge, a public speaker, a teacher, a trainer, a financier, a laborer, a psychologist, and a chaplain.

He must be an optimist, seem humble, and yet be very proud; strong, but at times weak; confident, yet not over-confident; enthusiastic, but not too enthusiastic.

He must have the hide of an elephant, the fierceness of a lion, the pep of a young pup, the guts of an ox, the stamina of an antelope, the wisdom of an owl, the cunning of a fox, and the heart of a kitten.

He must be willing to give freely of his time, his money, his energy, his youth, his family life, his health, and sometimes even life itself. In return, he must expect little financial reward, little comfort on earth, little privacy, and little praise, but plenty of criticism.

A good coach is respected in his community, is a leader in his school, is loved by his team, and makes lasting friends wherever he goes.

He has the satisfaction of seeing youth develop and improve in ability. Her learns the thrill of victory and how to accept defeat with grace. His associations with athletes help keep him young in mind and spirit; and he, too, must grow and improve with his team.

In his heart he knows that, in spite of the inconveniences, the criticism, and the demands on his time, he loves his profession, for his is THE COACH.

- Author Unknown.